Meditation is a tool for quieting the mind, getting rid of the mind chatter, to learn how to be present & live in the moment. This daily practice will allow you to stay more focused, become more mindful & self aware. Through breath work, relaxation techniques & journaling you can work through your physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. We offer group classes in the studio, but for those who prefer one on one or do not wish to be in a group setting can make an appointment in the studio.  Are you looking for specific issues to work through? Call us for your appointment today.

Sessions are 45 minutes long. Below is a list of the type of session we can offer.

Meditation 101


Breath Work

Relaxation Techniques



Silent Meditations

Benefits of meditation: Improved Focus, Lower blood pressure, Improved anxiety disorders & stress related issues, Mindfulness & Self-Awareness.  See Calendar page for classes & workshops.

$15 for group classes

$25 for individual sessions 45 minute session

*3 studio locations are available

*Ask about our Take a Pause- Meditation & Mindfulness 4-Week Program

Corporate, Facility & Group rates available upon request.  Call Carla for appointment at 423-313-4144.

*Sessions are not used to diagnosis, cure or treatment.